Tuesday, 27 March 2012


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Chakra Bracelet.

My Mum and her best friend had recently been on a crystal healing course and had learnt about the chakras and healing. I wont pretend to know anything about this but I did want to make them both a Chakra bracelet as a little gift. I found a few on the net but they were either way out of my price range or not to my liking. After a while I decided to make my own and luckily I came across these beautifully coloured crystal beads on sale at Hobbycraft. I chose the colours I wanted and made these simple yet striking bracelets using silver beads as spacers between the coloured beads. I used jewellery making thread and a lobster claw and jump ring at the ends for fastenings. I used crimps to secure the fastenings. A top tip I was told was to create a loop by feeding the thread through the crimp, then the claw/jump ring and then back through the crimp, leaving a good long end before crimping with crimp pliers. You can then make sure both threads go through the beads to make the bracelet more secure and strong.

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