Tuesday, 27 March 2012


DSC05731 by milliemooshu2012
DSC05731, a photo by milliemooshu2012 on Flickr.
Zip a dee do dah

I had a bag full of zips kindly given to me by my Gran. At first I wasn't sure what to do with them other than keep them for clothing and soft furnishings. I came across them again the other day and set to making these very cute brooches.

Its best to use a colourful zip with gold or silver teeth to add contrast. Cut the zip in half by cutting at the one end and removeing the zip. Take the one side and stitch the end with a few simple stitches to tidy up the end. Make intermitent folds in the zip and stitch in place. It may coil a bit but this will help to make the circle. Starting from the stitched end gather the zip with the teeth at the top/outside edge. As you gather stitch in place until you have a full circle. Sew a pretty button in the middle and add a brooch fastening at the back and hey presto ...you have a gorgeous brooch. I cant stop making them now and may even make a few in lots of colours to turn into a bib/collar necklace

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