Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Summer fruits Pavlova
We went over to our friends place for a BBQ to watch the England match. I didn't want to rock up without any nice food and noticed we had lots of lovely free range eggs in the fridge. The best Summer pudding has to be a Mum taught me how to make the best meringue. The ingredients are simple but they key is being patient and letting it bake in a cool oven for several hours. It made it here in one piece but needless to say we came back with went down a treat.
3 egg whites
6oz caster/ granulated sugar
Whipping cream
Summer fruits

Whisk the egg whites until they make soft peaks
Slowly add the sugar and continue to whisk
Line a baking tray with greaseproof- I also add a layer of rice paper to stop it sticking
Add the mixture onto the tray and bake in cool oven 100c for around 2 hours.
Whip the cream and spread over meringue (when cool).
Add the Summer fruits and grab a spoon and enjoy!!

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