Sunday, 8 January 2012


DSC05475 by milliemooshu2012
DSC05475, a photo by milliemooshu2012 on Flickr.
Seashell box.
I wanted to make a few Christmas gifts and came across a bag full of seashells that I had collected from our holiday to Poole and Bournemouth. I decided to make a special trinket box for my Mum, decorating a heart shaped card box with the shells. I made sure the shells were clean and used my trusty glue gun to affix to the box. This photo is the first stage as I then painted with pearly white paint and adorned with crystal gems. I forgot to take a photo pf the finished piece before I wrapped it up so I will have to go and visit my Mum to update you with the finished outcome. My Mum loved it as she lived in Bournemouth as a child so it will give her found memories when she uses it.

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