Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Craft confessions

Well it's been a very, very long time since I wrote anything here on my blog, and so I thought I'd better add a note or too (also to make sure I still had an account/blog).
I have to confess that I have taken time out of the crafty goings on (too much time perhaps) and so here I am delving back into what I love best, making and baking and everything else. Not sure why I took so much time out but I now know I need to get back to it and do what I love doing. Unfortunately I am unable to pursue a career in being creative (for the moment...still an intention at some point) but I need and must keep my crafty side alive. So here goes....a commitment to recording all my makings and creations. I've been very busy for the last week or so, so at least I have some new bits to record on here. The hubby and I went foraging once or twice (guilty pleasure) and now have a stock pile of spiced blackberry chutney and damson jam. All ready for the now traditional Lundy Christmas goody hampers. I'm working on the goods to go in the hampers and will update shortly. So this is a hi and hello and I'm still here!! Thanks C XX

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