Friday, 5 August 2011


I was asked by a lovely friend if I could possibly help in making a prom dress with a difference for her daughters up and coming school prom. I was more than happy to take on the challenge and channel my inner goth. We had a few discussions as to what Caitie had in mind and then decided on creating a few pieces rather than the one dress. As you can see this was a masquerade prom and Caitie has such a lovely sense of personal style that she wanted something a bit different. I must confess that I shied away from making the corset, because although I love sewing I didn't think I could make one as great as the one we found online. I did however make the underskirt, top skirt and blouse top. The underskirt is similar to a ra-ra skirt with the layers of netting. I then created an over skirt layering lace and chiffon in petal shapes to the waistband. I also used the black lace to make to gypsy style blouse. It took some time as I only went by the few pictures we had of similar designs and made the outfit from scratch. No pre printed patterns were used, I did draw up a pattern for the blouse but otherwise it was all 'free hand''. I was so happy with the outcome and so was Caitie. I'm sure you will all agree that Caitie looks so stunning and makes a great model for my work. Thanks to Caitie and Christina for such a lovely commission. xx


  1. fantastic! well done you x

  2. Christina8/1/12

    She did look stunning and stood out for all the right reasons. Te Only Goth in the Village lol. Thank you again Claire for all your hard work in making Caitie's dream outfit xx


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