Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Sloe Gin

Its that time of year again where the trees and bushes are full of ripe fruits and berries. We had a good forage one Sunday and now have plenty of bottles of Gin, Vodka and Whisky on the go. Sloe Gin is so nice and warming on a cold day or night, we tend to take a little hip flask to the rugby to keep us warm at half time...beats a cup of tea (just). Its so easy to make, all you need is sloes, gin and sugar and a good glass bottle. Pick the sloes after a frost or if its still early in August /Sept just pick them and then freeze the berries overnight. This makes them sweeter. After cleaning the berries prick the skin and add to a sterilised glass bottle. Fill until  three quarters full, then add a third of sugar, caster or granulated is fine and then top up with a third of gin. Shake every day for a good few weeks and leave for three months- it takes patience but its worth it. Once ready sieve the liquid through muslin or fine strainer into bottles and enjoy!! 

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